Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where all do you provide home delivery services?

We provide delivery services at your doorstep to any country in the world using our logistic partners Fed Ex, UPS, DHL. It takes about 10-12 days from the day it is dispatched.

2. Is it advisable to buy artificial silk carpets?

Many of the customers are unable to differentiate between pure and artificial silk due to which they are cheated and end up paying much more .We at HM Present educate our customers and there is no pressure for buying unlike in other stores. Moreover, buying artificial silk can prove to be very hazardous as it catches fire easily, thereby endangering your life. Also, pure silk is better in quality and more durable.

3. Why are our prices lesser than those of other places?

We do not give commission to guides and drivers. Also, we do not hike our prices and then provide so-called discounts like other places. We provide better than the best quality at much lesser prices.

4. What if I am unable to visit your store for any reason and would like to purchase

Our reputation is based upon trust and faith from our reputable clients from around the world. Majority of our clientele is through word of mouth because of excellent service delivered to them in the past or to their friends/relatives.

If you are unable to visit our store, you can either make your purchases through our online store or you can email us at [email protected] specifying your requirements in terms of color/design/pattern/quality/price range etc. Based on that we can send you good quality pictures of the highest resolution for you to choose after which goods shall be delivered at your doorstep once the payment is wire transferred.

5. How do I make a purchase

There are several ways of purchasing products through us. You can browse through our online collection on our secure website and purchase your favorite one using a debit/credit card/PayPal by clicking on "Add to cart".

6. Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

Yes, to make a purchase, please click on "Login" and create your unique username and password after which you can make any purchase on our e-store. Alternatively, you can also purchase our products online as a guest user.

7. If I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

In case you have forgotten your password, please type in your email address and click on "forgot password". You will receive an email with steps to create a new password to login on to our website.

8. How do I know that the products are authentic?

All our products displayed online are 100% authentic. Most of our wool products are made of blended Egyptian wool and top-quality Indian wool and as far as silk products are concerned, our silk is from China, and other countries.

9. Are the colors accurate as shown in the picture?

While we have made every effort to get our products clicked in the highest resolution, we cannot guarantee that your monitors or screen display of any color will be completely accurate.

10. What if I am not sure about the size/design of the product I want to buy?

In case you are not sure about the size or design of the product you would like to buy, please email us and our team would make every effort to understand your requirements. Once you are sure, you can browse through our online collection under the Products section.

11. What payment methods does HM Present Carpet accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards- MasterCard, VISA, American Express, PayPal. Our prices are in US Dollars and will be charged to you in the same currency (US$), irrespective of your geographical location.

Alternatively, you could also make the payment through a cashier's cheque/ wire transfer/PayPal. Please see the "Payment options" section to know more.

12. Is it safe to use my credit card online?

All our payments are processed through HM Present's highly trusted and industry's top payment gateway provider to check out, our backend and our hosting partners use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect your purchase information. SSL enables encryption (scrambling) of sensitive information during your online transactions.

13. Can I change my shipping address after my order has been dispatched?

yes, u can.

14. Can I track my order?

Once your order is complete and your products have been dispatched, you will be able to track your shipment through your Order number on our website. Also, we will be sending you an email with your unique tracking number through which you can view the progress of your shipment on or

15. How much duties and taxes will I have to pay?

Taxes and Duties such as VAT, GST (if any) are calculated according to your shipping destination and are borne by the customer which will have to be paid to FedEx/UPS at the time of delivery of goods. Please read "Duties and Taxes" under Customer Service-Shipping and Delivery.

As the recipient, you are liable for all import duties, customs and local taxes levied by the country you are shipping to; payment of these is necessary to release from customs on arrival. For more queries, please write to us at: [email protected]

16. Is my personal information kept private?

We would like to extend the following information to assure you that we respect your privacy while visiting our website. HM Present will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without your explicit consent.

17. for hand made products if not available, then it can be manufactured again , for carpets it takes from 2-3 months time, for vases it takes from 15 days time, for natural leather products it takes 5-7 days time, for necklace it takes 5-7 days time.